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"Diet of the Masters" Testimonials"

The Best Source from from the Master Diet.

"He that takes medicine and neglects diet,
wastes the skills of the physician."
(Ancient Chinese Proverb)

The videos are a big plus because when you actually see someone doing/explaining how to do something, it leaves no room for questions.

Another good thing is, you seem to walk your talk, which is very important to me, at least. I hate it when people try to teach something but are not capable of doing it themselves.

 The most important thing for me are the recipes. In my case I did not need any convincing to spend more time in the kitchen or to stop eating processed foods, because I had already started that. I'm not a very good cook so your easy, the simple recipes were great for me. The more recipes you add the better. I would even be willing to be part of a paying group that receives a new recipe a week for example. I know there are plenty of these but I believe in you so I wouldn't have to do any thinking, just watch and copy you if I like the recipe (just a thought).

The material is brilliant and makes a lot of sense to me. You went into detail and I'm behind you 100%. I'm convinced that your research is going to help me and my family very much now and in the future. Like you, I ate very poorly growing up (my parents didn't know any better and I've got 13 fillings to prove it) and I was constantly looking for answers.

 I found wheatgrass, and then I found you. I've been reading Dr. Mercolas emails for about 2 or 3 years now but your stuff makes more sense to me. The mystery has now been solved.

 Thanks for everything!
 Colin A.   CA, USA

Hey man your new course is tight,  I think you did more and a lot better than most of those doctors, thank you so much.

I've tryed  what you've taught and it's amazing, like you said more energy, I don't feel sleepy after a meal, less stuff in my stomach, and I'm NOT HUNGRY, awsome man!

Thank you,
Dilshod U.  TN, USA

Great job on the new course.  You really did well at showing how anybody can gradually incorporate a healthy diet system into their life.  The part about the marathon-running monks was also very interesting...I wonder how the sports industry would change if more professional athelets used these methods.    Those Essenes are pretty crazy too (in a good way).

Thanks and take care.
John W.   FL, USA


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